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After many years of research on anti-aging treatments, we are finally proud to reveal our latest discovery in one solution - Camellia Beauty Oil™! 


Powered by “Ultra Solution” formula, Camellia Beauty Oil™ is made with our favorite superfood - extra virgin cold-pressed Camellia oil, along with various plant-based oil such as Safflower, Kukui Nut, Rose that are carefully selected from around the world.


Camellia oil has been glorified as the ultimate anti-aging hero since the dawn of time. Every droplet consists of high amounts of oleic acid and antioxidant properties, which is widely used as cooking oil and skincare. We love how it instantly soothes fine lines, boosts moisture and radiance without even leaving a greasy feel.


Simply dap a small amount of Camellia Beauty Oil™ every morning and evening to supercharge your skin, ends of hair and even nails!


Proven by science, seeded with love. 


HannaManna skincare is organic certified, non-toxic and vegan. Artisanally crafted in Los Angeles, every drop is made with exceedingly high quality standards, and most importantly, with love and passion. 


Try HannaManna today, your skin will thank you after 28 days.* 

*Results vary for different individuals.



Key Ingredients


Camellia Oil


Packed with Oleic acid and antioxidant properties Vitamin A, B, and E, Camellia Oil is the ultimate anti-aging hero from the Far East.  Not only can it help promote healthy diets, but also an essential nutrient that is able to penetrate deeply into the skin. It provides continuous hydration, soothes fine lines, restores firmness and radiance.

Safflower Oil


Extracted from beautiful Safflower plants,  Safflower Oil is rich in Vitamin E and omega-6 fatty acids. It offers intensive soothing effects on dry skin and promotes elasticity.

Kukui Oil


Kukui Nut oil is one of the beauty secrets for getting soft and radiant skin among Hawaiians.Contains high levels of  vitamin A, C, and E, it forms a protective barrier on skin to prevent environmental damage and restores glow on dull skin.

Avocado Oil


Avocado oil does not only make amazing guacamole for breakfast, it also leaves your skin deeply nourished with rich sources of vitamin E and essential fatty acids.

Rose Flower Oil


Rose Flower oil is an excellent beauty multitasker to hydrate thirsty skin, clear acne, reduce the appearance of scars and fights off the signs of aging.


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